Highly Skilled for any Renovation Project

RTC Restoration and Glass offers a vast amount of services for commercial renovation projects.

Waterproofing & Restoration Services:

Parking Garage Restoration
Structural repair – Concrete / Wood / Steel
Masonry repair – all types
Stone anchoring / replacement
Caulking and waterproofing
Concrete repair
Epoxy and Chemical Grout Injection
Wet sealing of glazing systems
Protective and decorative coatings
Water repellents
Tuck pointing
Aesthetic updating/modernizing
Historical restoration
Retrofit windows and wall systems
Parking garage repair
Carbon Fiber (CFRP)
Planters and Below Grade Waterproofing
Expansion Joints
Power washing
Chemical cleaning
Davits and Tie-Backs

Glass Services:

Major Curtain Wall Repair / Restoration
Cladding Systems
Silicone Overlay Systems
Glass replacement
New glazing systems
Curtain Walls
Window systems
Skylights and slope glazing
Glass handrails
Hurricane window film